Montage Ministries started on a journey in 2009 to bridge the gap between culture and faith.  As we set out on this journey it wasn't completely clear as to how this could be done, but we knew it had to be centered around an environment that was inviting and cultivated unity.  We opened a free make-shift coffee house and proceeded to open the doors with an upbeat Sunday night service. Growth happened, and it happened fast.  We began to find ourselves ill prepared for what God had in store for us.  Little did we know at the time we would be moving to a larger, more city centered building with a huge hidden mission. 

With the football season of 2012,  we thought it would be a great opportunity to reach out and provide a place for adults to come and build relationships while watching some good Monday Night football.  Adults did come, along with a handful of students, and so we proceeded to promote and move with our plan.  The thing was, as we began to build relationships, more and more students filled our coffee house on Monday nights.  Before we knew it, within just a few months, fifty plus kids were coming every Monday night, and it wasn’t for the adult football gathering.  This is when God’s plan finally dawned on us, and so our journey with the youth of Massillon, Ohio began.

Montage today is a student hub for the youth in our city and we are not only excited, but truly focused on seeing transformation with our students.  This youth-centered mission definitely came as a surprise to us.  We look back now and laugh at how God trumped our ideas, making it very clear what we were to do. 

Today we have a large group of students grades 7th-12th students our weekly Monday night Youth Connection.  Things have developed quite a bit since the beginning.  Monday nights have become our wide net, with engaging Christian messages from the Bible, drawing in youth from all over the city.  This is where we introduce a moral compass to our students with the intent of challenging and equipping them to build a solid foundation, learning how to take real steps and action.  It is at this very step we are able to earn trust and have the credibility to invite them to take part in our ongoing leadership program.  

We believe that all students have been robbed in some way by our culture and society today.  A misguided infusion of entitlement has changed the playing field for students in a free market society.  It is our hope and mission to teach, challenge, and change the heart and mind of students across the board.  To infuse strong ethics with a heart to work and flourish back into our culture. We are challenging these students to see and understand that we were created to be image bearers in all that we do.